Georgina is a Member of IATSE and is

Represented by Barbara Halperin of The Gersh Agency 310-274-6611

    Georgina is a critically acclaimed a Costume Designer.

    Her wide range, sense of style and period have always guided her through many projects:

    For her Feature Film project : “MY SPY”. Georgina, created the character looks for “CIA Heavy” Dave Bautista and his 12 year old co star & foil Chloe Coleman. Also sharing the spotlight in this delightful comedy were Kristen Schaal & Ken Jeong.

    For the much acclaimed Feature Film “Miss Sloane”. Director John Madden asked her to create the look of the high power lobbyist artfully played by Jessica Chastain, supported by a stellar cast including : Mark Strong, Alison Pill, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, John Lithgow, Michael Stuhlbarg & Sam Waterson.

As a contrast, in “The Calling” she was called on to design a small town murder mystery starring:  Susan Sarandon, Ellen Burstyn, Gil Bellows, Topher Grace, & Donald Sutherland.

“PatchTown” was an offbeat piece where her whimsical character designs won her great praise at TIFF.

  Georgina’s meticulous research paid off on the feature film, “Assault on Precinct 13” for Focus Features/Universal, starring Ethan Hawke, Laurence Fishburne, Maria Bello & Gabriel Byrne.  “ Ms. Yarhi has captured the local police force of Detroit, combining authenticity and grit in both her street and non-civilian designs. “…Variety

    Producer Don Carmody again tapped her “period talents” in dressing Veteran Stars: Sam Tucci & Bruce Willis in the ‘50s period thriller, “Lucky Number Slevin”.

    Georgina’s extraordinary range has allowed her to move seamlessly from the period television, “Nero Wolfe” starring Timothy Hutton to the au currant, teenage stylings of  Eliza Dushku and Desmond Harrington in “Wrong Turn”.

    For “Deep In My Heart” Georgina mastered the subtleties that define an era, taking Anne Bancroft’s character, Gerry Eileen Cummins from 1959 to1999.  Her spectacular period work won her a rave review in Variety.  

She was again highly praised for her work dressing  sharecroppers Della Reese , Yolanda King & Ossie Davis in “The Secret Path” for CBS.

    “In “One Kill”, Ms. Yarhi made Eric Stoltz the epitome of 1999 contemporary military without verging on the cliché.”.. Variety  


“I’m always looking for ways to help Actors to better mould and paint true portraits of their characters.”


Georgina Yarhi Costume Designer........ Demo Reel

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