The: film-tele-scale
interchangeable scales for:
35 mm. 1.85 : 1  
        ............35 mm. 3 : 4

16 mm. 3 : 4 

..............Super 16mm. 1.85 : 1

2/3" Canon Video Zooms 

..........Super 35 mm 16:9 "HD"

35 mm Anamorphic 2.39 : 1  

&...... 35mm. IMAX 1.91 : 2.72
easy to use

All Scales Show Both Horizontal and Vertical values
    Each  Film Scale shows 9-10 of the most commonly used lenses.
The Video Zooms  show  5 of the most commonly used Canon & Angènieux Zooms.
    Fantastic for finding Translite, Blue Screen, & Backing sizes, locating ceiling pieces, cutters, matte lines, camera placement , the list is endless.
    Great care was taken to maintain the highest accuracy.
    The 35mm. Lens Angles were taken from The American Cinematorapher's Manual,
    Canon Tables supplied the data for the TV Zooms,
and IMAX field angle tables were complied from their "IMAX Corp. Design Facts". 
    All CAD drawings were made at TEN TIMES ACTUAL SIZE.
Then each lens value was magnified by a factor of TEN TIMES. Giving an accuracy of Four Decimal Places, on the "Minute of an Angle"

    Shows Horizontal & Vertical Lens Angles in different aspect ratios.
Change lenses "On the Fly", no more missing acetate sheets.
    Easy to use on "scaled drawings" to plan sets, shots, translite sizes, etc. 
Have a look at the photos.
    THE EIGHT INTERCHANGEABLE SCALES make working in different aspect ratios, quick, easy.


    Are engraved on each of the scales. They show you at a glance the proper Horizontal and Vertical, "In- Ratio, Dimension" for  any scenic element.
    Also  : DISTANCE FROM THE LENS RULERS are engraved on each Scale. 
    All values are expressed in 
Imperial : 1/4"- 1'-0" & Metric 1: 50 Scales.